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Station Map
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Click here for the list of 23 Cyclocity-Toyama stations and to download the map.

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Prepare for your cycle journey

Prepare for your cycle journey


For safe, trouble-free cycling, adapt your behaviour to traffic and weather conditions. Cyclocity-Toyama encourages you to remember some of the most important rules.

Take the time to adjust the bike's saddle height for greater comfort and stability.

Check the brakes, tyres and lights.

Adjust your speed to the weather conditions.

For greater visibility at night, wear reflective clothing.

Your responsibility

You are responsible for your bike. Be sure to comply with the conditions of use:

Cyclocity-Toyama is designed for users aged 14 and over (minimum height: 1.50 m).

When returning a bike, be sure to attach it firmly to its stand.

Use the anti-theft device if you make a short stop.

You have a maximum of 24 hours to return the bike. After this period, the guaranty will be debited to your account.

Never lend your bike or subscriber card to anyone else (you are personally responsible for complying with the general conditions of access and use).

Make sure you have third party liability insurance, which is mandatory in order to use the service.