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To enjoy the benefits of Cyclocity-Toyama bikes all year round, subscribe directly online using a bank card. It's easy and quick!

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Is the annual subscription renewed every year?

Unless cancelled (by post or e-mail), the subscription is renewed automatically every month. You keep the same personal card.
When your credit card expires, you will receive an e-mail inviting you to provide the number of your new card and its new expiry date (if this has changed).



How does the short-term subscription work?

To take out a 7 or 2 Day subscription, subscribe online without the need for correspondence, use your bank card to take out an annual subscription online. After the subscription, you will get an E-mail from Cyclocity Toyama which contain ID. The 7 Day ticket will cost 1000 yen. The 2 Day ticket will cost 500 yen.

How do I know what amount I will be charged at the end of my course ?

If you have an annual subscription, you can check the credit balance on your Cyclocity-Toyama account on the website under the heading "My Account".

How do I pay for the use of a bike over and above the free first half-hour?

Annual subscription
The cost of the service will be debited together with subscription fee at the end of each month.
1 week subscription
The cost of the service is debited to your bank account on expiry of your 7 Day subscription.
2 day subscription
The cost of the service is debited to your bank account on expiry of your 2 Day subscription.

Will the guaranty be debited to my account?

The 25,000 yen guaranty is debited only in the event of failure to comply with the general conditions of access and use, particularly failure to return the bike within 24 hours.