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Click here for the list of 23 Cyclocity-Toyama stations and to download the map.

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Find out more about how the stations work. If you still have questions about using the terminals and stands, the FAQs offer advice on how to make the most of Cyclocity-Toyama.

How do I activate my subscription on my PASSCA ?

We will inform you of scratch code which you can enter on station terminal and swipe your card on terminal. Your card will be resistered by Cyclocity system.
The scrach code is a one-shot code. If you want to change your card, please contact to service center.

How do I use the anti-theft device?

An anti-theft device built into the basket is provided for when you need to make short stops. Insert the end of the anti-theft device in the channel provided and remove the key as it pops up automatically. To release the lock, replace the key which automatically returns to its original position.
If you are making a longer stop, it is better to return the bike to the nearest station and use the secure stand locking system. You can then pick up another bike when you are ready to continue.

unlock the bike from the stand?

To remove a bike from the stand, you must go to the stand you selected on the terminal and push the release button to unlock the bike. There is no need to use force, the bike unlocks automatically.

Is there a map of stations I can consult?

Each terminal has a station map. You can also consult the station map available on the website.

bikes distributed at stations?

Distribution is regulated in two ways. One is a natural process, as users return and take out bikes regularly. The other is through the intervention of distribution teams who redistribute bikes when stations are full or empty. The teams' services tend to be required more fore the busiest stations.