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How old do you have to be to use Cyclocity-Toyama ?

You can use Cyclocity-Toyama from age 15 and upwards. For a minor (between 15 and 19), agreement by the legal guardian is needed. Legal guardian undertakes to abide by and ensure compliance with the general conditions of access and use.

What do I do if I lose my card?

If you lose your long-term subscription card, contact the Cyclocity-Toyama call centre without delay on 0120-979-496. You will be issued with a new card at a cost of 1000 yen.




電 話:0120-979-496(土日祝日除く10:00~17:00)

What do I do if I am unable to return a bike correctly?

When you return your bike, wait for the beep that tells you it has been properly locked to its stand. If you realise that the bike has not correctly locked into place, contact the call centre on 0120- 979- 496

Can I lend my Cyclocity-Toyama card or my ID to someone else?

Since you are responsible for the bike you take, we strongly recommend that you do not lend your long-term or short-term card. When you take out a subscription, you undertake to respect the general conditions of access and use and you are legally liable.

Do I get a free half-hour just once, or on every journey?

Every time you take a bike, the first half-hour is free.

What do I do if I have an accident on the bike?

In the event of an accident, inform JCDecaux at the Cyclocity-Toyama call centre on 0120-979-496 within 24 hours of the accident. The bike is your responsibility until it is returned to a stand. You can also wait for a JCDecaux agent to arrive and hand over the bike in person.

Can I rent a bike for several days?

The self-hire bike was designed for short journeys. Stations are approximately 300 to 500 metres apart for easy access, so that you can pick up or return a bike whenever you want. The maximum period of use authorised is 24 hours.

What do I do if I get a puncture?

If you get a puncture, return the bike to the nearest station, lock it to a stand for security and contact the call centre on 0120-979-496.

What do I do if the bike is stolen?

Declare the theft to the police within 48 hours and contact the call centre on 0120- 979-496 within 24 hours of the theft.
Send a copy of the police report to Cyclocity-Toyama at the following address:
Cyclocity Toyama office
Address: 5-7 ushijima-cho Toyama city