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To enjoy the benefits of Cyclocity-Toyama bikes all year round, subscribe directly online using a bank card. It's easy and quick!

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Click here for the list of 23 Cyclocity-Toyama stations and to download the map.

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Occasional journeys

Occasional journeys


The weekly subscription is a good way of testing the service before taking out a long-term subscription, or using Cyclocity-Toyama as and when you need it for occasional journeys.

An economical subscription

With a subscription by the week (1000 yen), you can hire a bike as often as you wish over the period of your subscription.

The first half-hour period of each journey is always free. After the first 30 minutes, you pay the appropriate hire rate. Consult hire rates online .

How to get your weekly subscribe

Use your bank card and then follow the website menu, which will propose a short-term subscription and ask you to choose a PIN. You will be issued with a weekly subscribe bearing an identification number that you will need to key in each time before hiring a bike. Remember to confirm acceptance of the general conditions of access and use in order to complete the transaction. You must keep the subscribtion with the identification number; you will need it to remove a bike from a station stand, and in the event of any complaint.